We're a global couple with a proven holistic approach to your success in a multi-cultural world!

Hi we're Tom & Karen and we love helping people achieve their God-given potential.  We lived and worked internationally for nearly 30 years ​which gives us a 360º perspective on the skills required to succeed in a global business environment.  We know that to be truly successful in your work life, it is essential to develop a solid, supportive personal life.  Focused correctly, the effort in one area compounds your achievement and satisfaction in the other.

If you're ready to make dynamic change in the impact of your career and without sacrificing a fulfilling personal life, ​we look forward to connecting with you!

I coach women to unlock their potential,  power, and personality to take charge of their career, to become highly effective leaders of passion and purpose, and balanced by a rich personal life.

I coach business leaders and organizations to accelerate growth, develop global leaders and foster a culture that attracts and retains top talent to produce exceptional profitability and performance. 


Karen - A versatile and extremely effective leader

I have known Karen for nearly 15 years and worked with or observed her work in various positions and organizations. She is an extremely versatile leader, able to effectively manage and lead individuals, projects, teams, amd organizations. She is problem-solving minded, driven by excellence, and has a professional ethic even for small tasks. Karen is an excellent communicator, as evidenced by her successfully having led several multicultural teams in her career. I highly recommend Karen to any organization or individual looking for a dedicated and capable leader or professional.

JungEun (Nicole) Lee - Associate at Latham & Watkins

Tom is a leader you want managing your business.

Above all else, Tom is a leader you want managing your business. He has the unique ability to probe, identify, implement and sustain business initiatives aligned to longer term strategic goals. He is second to none managing cross functional teams, aligning the connective tissue that makes them work and maximizing output. As his finance lead, I've never felt more connected to a business unit. A testament to his leadership style, he encouraged his teams to embrace the important things that were going to make us successful and fostered an operating system that drove effective decision making, accountability and results.

Nathan Basnett - Associate Director of Finance at West-Ward, a division of Hikma Pharmaceuticals

Karen - A true diamond in her business

Karen and I have been colleagues in business/team/leadership development for nearly 3 years. We have traveled extensively in the US, Mexico, and Japan. Karen is a true diamond in her business as she shines both in intimate small group presentations as well as in larger meetings with her true servant-leader approach. She is core team leader and handles all aspects with a high level of professionalism.

Stephanie Brua - Funding & Autonomous Solutions In the You Economy

Tom’s engaging leadership, ability to create a strong team, and strategic abilities are outstanding

I loved working for Tom as a strategy/business consultant for over a year. Tom’s engaging leadership, ability to create a strong team, and strategic abilities are outstanding. He was able to come in to a tough environment as a new division leader and create a results oriented, positive culture. He could zero in on what was most important, really engage in strategy, quickly understand any analytical work presented to him, and was able to implement many key initiatives that improved his business’s profitability and growth. And he did it all with kindness, compassion, humility and hard work.

Karen Brown - President, Edge Brown Consulting LLC
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